The Illuminated Life Foundation started in September of 2019 with one goal in mind. That goal is to brighten the lives of others. This includes plants, animals, and people, because this is not just our planet. We help with:
  • Homeless Outreach
  • City Cleanups
  • Soup kitchens
  • Food Drives
In spring of 2021 we'll be teaming up with the Havana Park District to set up a community garden.
December 26th & 27th we hosted out first event called "Clothes The Door" where we collected clothes for the homeless shelters in Peoria, Illinois. We collected four large boxes and two small boxes, but people are still donating and that's amazing!
We're currently trying to get legally recognized as a nonprofit so we can do much bigger projects and help more people. You can help by going to our GoFundMe or check out our Donate page.
Once we become legally recognized we got a few projects in mind.
  • The Umbrella Box
  • WhatABrightLife 2022
  • Homeless Hotel
  • TIL TOWN 2024
We've also teamed up with ​JacksHeroWares​​​ and you can check that out in our Store.
We Can Make A Difference! If you wanna show how you help people or the environment post on Facebook using #WhatABrightLife or #NoHearstForEarth



The Day It Began

On this day The Illuminated Life Foundation was created.

Learn MoreSep 19, 2019

The Spotlight

The first time we made it on the news.

Learn MoreDec 21, 2020

The Big Day

We hosted our first event.

Learn MoreDec 26, 2020

The Big Day pt.2

Day two of our first event

Learn MoreDec 27, 2020